Dec 14, 2018  

Political Science

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Associate in Arts (653)

Political Science is the study of the theory and practice of government and politics. Students of politics describe and analyze political systems and behavior. Baccalaureate programs offer courses in areas such as public administration, public law, international relations, comparative politics, political behavior, political philosophy, and U.S. government. Community college students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science are strongly encouraged to complete an Associate degree prior to transfer.

Important to Note:

After completing American Politics and Government (PSC 163), Political Science majors may need to take additional social science courses to meet General Education requirements at the four year institution they plan to attend. Students are encouraged to work with academic advisors at their community college and at their transfer institution to select a program of courses that will best satisfy academic requirements at their four year college or university.

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Students who have already chosen the university to which they plan to transfer should consult that institution’s catalog or department advisor and an SVCC academic advisor in planning their program. Students pursuing social science education should meet with an academic advisor.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College
Academic Advising, 815/835-6354;
Dr. Paul Edleman, Professor of Speech/Political Science, 815/835-6265.

Political Science - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

Suggested Program

First Semester - Sem/Hrs: 17

  • Humanities 3 Semester hour(s)
  • *Foreign Language 4 Semester hour(s)
  • Math 3 Semester hour(s)

Second Semester - Sem/Hrs: 16

  • Foreign Language 4 Semester hour(s)
  • Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)

Third Semester - Sem/Hrs: 14-15

  • Foreign Language 4 Semester hour(s)
  • **Life Science 3-4 Semester hour(s)
  • Elective 1 Semester hour

Fourth Semester - Sem/Hrs: 16-17

  • Humanities/Fine Arts 4 Semester hour(s)
  • **Physical Science 3-4 Semester hour(s)
  • Personal Development 3 Semester hour(s)
  • Social/Behavioral Science 3 Semester hour(s)

Total Credits: 64


*Competency in a single foreign language through the third or fourth college semester is often required.

**One lab science required.


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