Jul 16, 2018  

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CIS 109 - Introduction to Microcomputers - Windows

This introductory consists of the study of microcomputer hardware, software, operating systems and communications, networking, Internet, systems and program development life cycles and their role in business decision making. The use of Internet, multimedia, security, and ethics will be emphasized throughout the semester. In addition, laboratory experience will be gained with a survey of Microsoft Windows and business microcomputer software applications programs in word processing, electronic spreadsheets, database management, presentation graphics, and Internet.

Prerequisite: None. Students having no experience with computers are encouraged to first take OAS 103-Keyboarding, or CIS 105-Introduction to Windows.

3 Semester hour(s)
Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)
IAI: BUS 902
Lecture/Lab Hours
2 lec, 2 lab/week

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