Feb 22, 2019  
2012-2014 Catalog 
2012-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Letter From the President

Dear Prospective Student:

All of us at Sauk Valley Community College are pleased you have selected Sauk as the place to continue your education. In today’s economy the focus is on creating jobs in America. The majority of all new jobs require additional education beyond high school.  Sauk is positioned to provide the training and experience to our students to acquire that future career.

Whether you have chosen a program of study that will have you enter the workforce immediately after graduation, or you have plans to transfer to a four year university after Sauk, you will discover faculty and staff who are knowledgeable, friendly, and care about your future.

A sound education is a key factor in securing a career and strong financial future. Your success is our first priority. Along the way to your future our many clubs, activities, and athletic teams provide a rich experience and ways to get involved during your time on campus. We want you to obtain that future career, but also have an enjoyable experience doing so. You will find Sauk is a wonderful place to learn, grow, and make new friends as you prepare for tomorrow.


President's Signature

Dr. George Mihel, President